General Terms and Conditions

Main provisions of the bet agreement between the client and the betting company are outlined, including definitions of key terms such as bet, outcome, client, line, bet cancellation, and regular time. Conditions of acceptance of bets, including possible amendments to coefficients, head starts, and limitations, are stated. Complaint procedure for dispute resolution is outlined, along with time limits for making claims. The betting company’s rights to declare bets as invalid in case of staff errors, suspicion of unsportsmanlike conduct, or obvious errors in coefficients are stated. The betting company’s right to close accounts and cancel bets in case of information possession by the client is mentioned.

Live-bets can be made on main and additional outcomes, either as single bets or combined in the same express. Once a bet is registered on the server and confirmed online, it cannot be amended. The betting company is not responsible for inaccuracies in current match results and clients should use independent sources for information. Live-bets cannot be edited or deleted. Bet calculations may be reconsidered due to wrong results provided by the betting provider. The actual beginning time of events will be based on official documents or sources of sports information. Claims regarding event results must be made within 10 days.

The right of demand in relation to online gambling prohibits persons under the permitted age (as defined by the jurisdiction’s legislation) from using the internet site. Proof of age may be requested and services may be denied if age cannot be verified. The legality of using the internet site within the client’s jurisdiction is not guaranteed, and the client is solely responsible for understanding and complying with applicable laws and regulations. Certain countries are restricted from using the services, and additional restrictions apply to specific games in certain territories. Bets from prohibited individuals or those who can influence event outcomes are not accepted, and breach of these rules may result in cancellation of bets and denial of winnings.

Deposits, withdrawals, and placement of money funds in the betting account are governed by certain rules. The Client must deposit money from their own account, bank card, or registered system, and not from third parties. Any fraudulent activities, refusal to complete transactions, or cancellation of payments may result in the confiscation of winnings. The Client must comply with identification procedures for withdrawals exceeding a certain amount, and a commission may be charged for withdrawals. Withdrawal amounts are subject to specific timelines, and other methods of withdrawal must be discussed with the site administration. Money exchange services are not provided, and accounts may be closed for non-compliance, with associated penalties.

The Agreement outlines the terms and termination provisions. We may delete the Client’s account without prior notification in cases such as discontinuation of services, account related to a deleted or blocked account, participation in criminal activity, software manipulation, illegal use of the account, or offensive publication. We may close the account or cancel the Agreement with notification, and repay the Client’s money funds, except for specific situations. We reserve the right to make amendments or additions to the Website’s services. We are not liable for IT device malfunctions or interruptions caused by internet providers. We may limit or cancel bets, annul bets and winnings from errors, and are not liable for interception or misuse of information.

The Client acknowledges that their use of the Internet site is at their own risk and that we do not provide any additional guarantees or assurances. We shall not be liable for offenses, negligence, losses, or damages that we cannot foresee. The Client agrees to fully reimburse us for any losses incurred due to their breach of the Agreement, breach of laws, unauthorized access to their account, or appropriation of winnings. We may suspend or block the Client’s account and withdraw payments, winnings, or bonuses obtained from a breach. The contents of the Website are protected by copyright and other proprietary rights belonging to us. The Client’s personal data will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy and will not be disclosed to third parties, except for authorized processors and employees. We store copies of all correspondence for record-keeping purposes.

The main information provided includes the use of “cookie” files on the Website for functionality, with instructions on controlling and deleting them. Claims and notifications process is outlined, including contact details for the support service. Dispute resolution process is described, with a requirement for written submission of information and a timeframe for consideration. The Website’s exemption from liability for delays or non-fulfillment of obligations due to force majeure circumstances is also mentioned, with a commitment to finding solutions to fulfill obligations.

The information provided includes the refusal from obligations by the Client or inability to use legal remedies, without relieving the Client from fulfilling obligations. The severability clause states that if any provision of the Agreement becomes invalid or loses legal power, it shall be separated from the remaining part of the Agreement. The Website may contain links to other resources, and the Website shall not be liable for their content. Bonus actions are outlined, including conditions for increased wager and withdrawal of money bonuses. Withdrawal of bonus accrual may not be possible before the first deposit in certain cases.