1win Bonuses for Cameroun Players

Since 1win only recently joined the market, it offers an extraordinary list of advantages that you may and should take advantage of as the business works to establish itself in the Cameroon market. By the way, we’ll let you in on a little secret: these generous bonuses are exclusively offered to Cameroon players because they are so well-liked in this country. We shall outline every variety of bonuses that the business provides to new players in this article. The biggest bonus you are eligible for is the XXXX promo code, which will offer you 20% back on your initial casino and sports betting deposit in addition to free spins and numerous other bonuses.

Bonus for the First Deposit

One of the largest bonuses on the market is provided by bookmaker 1win. Up to 800 EUR, or 500%. There are bonuses available right now on as many as four initial investments. Two of your accounts are eligible for the bonuses: 

  1. Bonuses for betting;
  2. Gambling Bonuses.

So let’s figure out how to do it correctly even though we have two bonus accounts and a total bonus of 500%. 

  1. The player receives 200% of the initial deposit into his bonus betting and casino accounts on the first deposit. 
  2. The player earns 150% of the second deposit in his bonus betting and casino accounts for the second deposit. 
  3. The player earns 100% of his third deposit in both his bonus betting and casino accounts for his third deposit. 
  4. The player receives 50% of the fourth deposit in his bonus betting and casino accounts for the fourth deposit.

The maximum bonus is 200 EUR per bonus account for each deposit. (For the first four deposits in total, a player can get a maximum of 800 EUR to the casino bonus account and to the betting bonus account).

If you’re still unsure, we’ve broken it down into tabular form for you:

First deposit Casino +Betting++200% on your first deposit
Second depositCasino+Betting++150% on your first deposit
Third Deposit Casino+Betting++100% on your first deposit
Fourth DepositCasino+Betting++50% on your first deposit

The following chart illustrates how much of the bonus money, based on the player’s losses in the casino the previous day, will be paid to their main account:

Losses from the previous day, EURPercentage of bonus funds, %
From 55 EUR1%
From 200 EUR2%
From 550 EUR3%
From 1100  EUR4%
From 5500 EUR5%
From 7700 EUR10%
From 11100 EUR20%

But keep in mind that all bonus offers are only accessible after signing up using our link. Don’t skip the link to prevent losing your additional prizes.

Casino Cashback

casino cashback 1win

1win does not disregard folks who enjoy playing casino games. The 1win casino bonuses, meanwhile, are justly comparable to the betting incentives. The business offers full cashback, which can be up to 30% of the money you lose each week. 

The amount of the bonus, which is applicable to the Slots category, is based on the player’s overall total of all bets. 

Important: The bonus balance is not affected by the bonus account.

Cashback Percent, %Bets Amount in Slots in last 7 days, EURMaximum cashback amount, EUR
1From 1100 EUR30 EUR
2From 3300 EUR40 EUR
3From 5500 EUR50 EUR
4From 8800 EUR80 EUR
5From 11100 EUR160 EUR
10From 111100 EUR220 EUR
20From 222000 EUR330 EUR
30From 555000 EUR550 EUR

The player’s balance gets credited with cashback. Funds obtained via cashback are immediately available for play and withdrawal; there is no requirement to risk them. Every Saturday at 0:00, cashback is credited.


Every week there is also a sizable jackpot. The gaming room’s four slot machines update the prize pool in real-time. Playing is all you need to do to participate.

Bonus leaderboard


On 1win, the leaderboard lists the players that are the most active. Users gain large incentives in exchange for rewards among the most active players. The requirements are extremely straightforward: all you need to do to enter the top is place your bets. 

“Daily” and “Weekly” leaderboards are the two categories that they fall under:

  1. Wagers made between 00:00 to 23:59 local time today
  2. Wagers put from Monday at 0:00 until Sunday at 23:59

Additionally, each sort of wager has a distinct gradation, including:

Bronze Bonus points are received for bets of less than 30 EUR 
Silver Bets between 300 EUR  and 110 EUR 
GoldBets of more than 110 EUR 
Ruby  Bonus points received for bets of less than 30 EUR  
Sapphire Bets between 30 EUR  and 110 EUR 
DiamondBets of more than 110 EUR 


  • For wagers with odds between 1.6 and 10, no extra points are given. 
  • For wagers with a “Returned” or “Sold” status, no additional points will be given.
  • In “Day” or “Weekly” tournaments, if a player wins more than one prize, they take the cash award for the place that offers the larger prize.

Added Bonus for Express

In addition to the customary incentives on a variety of outcomes and events, 1win has adopted a strategy for providing bonuses on express events. A portion of your profits that are part of an express with five or more events will be added to your net profit.

In the table percentage list, we’ll show: 

Events amount in the express, EventsPercent, %
5 events7%
6 events8%
7 events9%
8 events10%
9 events11%
10 events12%
11 events15%

As you can see, 1win is not only a cutting-edge online casino but also provides a ton of bonus features that other online gambling sites can only dream about.